Thursday, July 19, 2012

What I think about homosexuals

Whelp.  This was going to come up sooner or later.  I was going to post it eventually.  Now works, I guess.
For compleatly incidental reasons, I came accross this blog post I'm christian, unless you're gay.  Made me think a bit.  Reminded me of this I had posted as a facebook note some time ago.  So, here it is.

One of my friends on Facebook (no I won't say who) posted this.  I suspect they copy-and-pasted it, but that's irrelevant to my point.  It made me actually think for a bit, so I thought it would be worth sharing it and my thoughts.

(Please excuse the spelling errors, it is copied verbatim)

"wat would u say if were to say i was gay/lesbian right now? 90% of u wont copy and paste this as your status 3% will copy and pste this as there status 7%will just ignore it and not comment! do you have the guts to paste this as your status for at least an hour??????"

Leaving aside the spelling, the extreme (perhaps unnecessary?) emotion, and the implied dare, here are my thoughts:

I'd like to think I'd be 'supportive'.  I put that is quotes like that because "supportive" is not what I actually mean, but it's the closest word I can think of.  But independence, think for yourself, be true to yourself - all good.  For example, I'd like to think that if I were friends with such a person I'd stand up for/support them if they had trouble for being true to themselves.  
(Of course, I'd like to think that I could be friends with such a person without it being an issue.)
Basically, I can't condone homosexual behavior.  I think it's wrong, in a number of ways.  But I honestly can't quite bring myself to condemn it either, and I certainly can't bring myself to condemn homosexuals just for being homosexual.  

Now, if you can't live with that?  If you can't live with my inability to condone homosexual behavior?  - Well, sorry.  Bye.  I'll just have to live with telling myself you were probably petty anyways.  If you don't like that I won't condemn homosexuals automatically?  Bye to you too.  I don't want to hang around with someone who's so judgmental.

Will I lose some friends over that last paragraph?  I might.  (I doubt it, but I might.)  Y'know what?  I don't think I care.

Will I get weird looks, or called names or something, because of this?  I may.  I honestly doubt it, since I don't think anyone who would will actually see this.  But even if they did, I don't think I would care.  This kinda transcends that.  That's kinda the point.  

Will people I wouldn't otherwise have talked to approach me because of this?  Again, I doubt it -- who's gonna see it, unless they were already aware of me?  But again, I don't think I'd care too much.  And who knows, I might even have made some friends that way.

If you'd share this, or copy-and-paste it, or write up your thoughts on it and post them to your page, I'd really appreciate it.  Or, y'know, you could ignore it.  I don't actually care.  I made my stand for what I believe.

Will you make yours?

[Footnote -- If you've got time, may I recommend reading the webcomic El Goonish Shive   Among numerous other things, it demonstrates the attitude I think I'm going for here]

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