Friday, July 13, 2012


The Brave Little Toaster

Whelp. That was fairly short.
The only word I really have to apply to this story is "beloved". I don't see why, though. The movie, sure, I could see that. But not the book. Although, it did help explain some half-remembered scenes from the movie.
Rating: Out of ten stars, four and a half. Five, tops.

In the Forrests of Serre

Not bad, I guess. Not really my thing.
It's a well-developed setting. On the other hand, it moved too slowly overall for my tastes. It did pick up after about, mm, a quarter of the way through, so don't judge based on that.
Some good twists. I could accurately say that there were several I was not expecting, but I wasn't 'expecting' any one way or another for most of the book.
Rating: Out of ten stars, I'd say about five point nine.


Tim turns out to be a romance novel. I suspected that would prove to be the case when I first picked it up, but it took me by surprise. Pretty good read, actually. Even one or two decent twists. It's not 'my thing', but it's still fairly good. Just not my genre.
Rating: Six of ten. I'm not sure what the bottom five stars are for?...

More to come. Now I just need %$@! posted.

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