Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Blog heroes

I want to get this out, mostly because if I leave it it will just turn into another "putting it off for seven months" thing.

Somewhere on Penguin Pete's blog, I picked up the idea of "blog heroes". I don't remember where, and the last time I went looking this post stalled for months so the heck with that. The gist of it is that if you have some bloggers who you respect and pay attention to and want to emulate, you'll be a better blogger. Even if your blog is nothing like theirs.

At the moment, I have two. Coyote, who blogs at theacetheist, and good ol' Penguin Pete himself. Coyote is active but sporadic, while Pete closed his blog down a while ago, which is a pity.

Yes, That Too looks to be in danger of becoming another such hero. Not yet, but perhaps soon.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Four of us at work are some sort of GSRM type, counting me.  (Mostly S.  Well, everything I know says S, but with one person that's technically an inferrence, so mostly.)

I find it slightly funny, because it's this grocery store in rinkydink rural nowhere, where you stereotypically don't talk about this stuff.  There's like thirty or forty employees, and that's including the family in "family owned and opperated".  And yet there are four of us.  Just that I know of!

And yes, we're close enough liberal Ithaca that I think nothing of hopping on the bus for forty minutes each way to go to a concert or a meeting or do some shopping or whatever.  But we're not in Ithaca, and this town is very... republican.