Thursday, December 6, 2012


There's some new words making their way into my vocabulary. I figured it'd make sense to write down what they are, both to help puzzle out what I mean by them and so the rest of you can know have any idea what I mean by them.

I've got two words here:

Adjective. There's a big 'ol "Swag" meme that I disapprove of, but my use of the word has nothing to do with that. That 'Swag' is more of a noun, it's something you have; whereas how I use it something is swag.
'Swag' is roughly synonymous with 'cool'. It also has a something in common with 'awesome', but to a much lesser degree than with 'cool'. The canonical usage example of 'swag' is to say to a person with an awesome collection, "PONIES!! Swag.", Esp. when you discover that they are a brony by walking in on their collection.
Adjective. 'Nifty' is also roughly synonymous with 'cool', but in a different way than 'Swag'. While 'Swag' means something like "cool: awesome, baws, possibly even badass or hardcore", 'Nifty' means something more like "cool: sweet, awesome, impressive, swell, sublime".
To-date, 'Nifty' has only been used to describe LEGO pieces.

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