Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Briefly on Reviews

For my own reference, I figured that I'd better gave some sort of scale written out somewhere. When I sat down to write one, I realized that there's really two different factors I'm trying to convey here.

One is my enjoyment of the book. I can make a scale for that pretty easily. It won't go into the nuances of enjoyment -- Of Mice and Men is really good, but it's a long, slow, savory enjoyment, for example -- but that's what the review is for. The other is more of a technical analysis, rather like a traditional grade. I'm not sure what I expect of this, or why I think such a thing is a good idea.

So anyways, from now on I'm gonna be using a much simpler scale:

Dump it
Anywhere from "Didn't bother to finish it" to "Threw it across the room". I think it's not worth bothering with at best, and may even think it's pretty shit.
I'm pretty indifferent overall. Maybe I liked it, maybe I didn't quite finish it. I don't have a strong opinion one way or another.
Like it
I thought it was pretty good, and/or I enjoyed it. I may go around recommending it.
Copy Please
I liked it so much I want a copy for myself. Rare.

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