Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Typewriter Mode

I've noticed that I use the computer in pretty much exclusively two modes.

The first is "Internet Mode". This is when I have a browser up and am clicking (and, normally, reading) lots of stuff (Think facebook, reddit, fan-fiction, deviantArt...).

The other mode is "Typewriter Mode". This is when I'm at the computer and I pull up emacs (whether through a terminal emulator and some stack of ssh/tmux/emacsclient, a tty and such a stack, or a GUI emacsclient window) and write things down. This blog post, fanfiction, the occasional to-do list, whatever. In a bizarre way, I think I like Typewriter Mode more.

I really ought to go to bed now, though. I need to be up and coherent early tomorrow.

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